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Professional boat repair in Werribee

Your boat is your pride and joy – keep it looking fantastic with Johns FG Boat Repair

When you buy a boat, it’s a big investment. You expect it will serve you for years to come. So when you need your boat repaired, you want a company who will treat your boat with the utmost care, someone you can trust, and that company is Johns FG Boat Repair. We have a range of products to repair or enhance your boat or yacht, keeping it in great condition and increasing the longevity of your boat. Johns FG Boat Repair has years of experience in boat repairs, and we are passionate about boats and the relationship you have with your vessel. We can help you have years of enjoyment with your boat and are glad to make that happen. Call us today to find out more about our capabilities for boat repair in Werribee.

Your boat

John's F.G. Boat Repairs has a great range of services for boat & jetski repairs in Werribee, including:

  • Gelcote repairs
  • Fibre Glass Repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Modifications and accessories
  • Boat restorations
  • Lone Star Marine Anchor Winchs
  • Gunnell rubber
  • Floors
  • Transoms
  • Insurance quotes & claims

 Come in for a free oblygation quote and advise.

Our service

Your boat will be in good hands at Johns FG Boat Repairs. We have been working with boats for years, and understand your needs and requirements. We have solutions to most boat problems, and no matter what your boat is, from a dinghy to a yacht; we have the tools and experience to repair it.

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